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If you have fiddled with Powerpoint or to work on your high-tech sequence diagram, you would know what a pain it is. In this Masterclass you will learn how to generate Sequence Diagram using PlantUML which is diagram as a code library, very easily and quickly. And you don’t need hell of software for it. Just with your favorite Visual Studio, you can draw almost anything declaratively.

PlantUml can create all sorts of activity, sequence, state, class, C4 and a lot of other diagrams. Sequence diagrams which are covered in this video are a major part of software design and and software architecture and provides basic functionality to document and show any flow on a diagram.

This video does not require you to have any prior experience and you will learn almost all the necessary action items that you might need for most of your day to day operations. We shall be creating Sequence Diagrams easily with VS Code.


Sourcecode for the video is available at LetsDoCoding GitHub at:

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