Why this couse

Well there is plenty of stuff available on the internet, one immediate question is why this. Well, most of the stuff available targets individual or isolated cases, and where the details are covered in length, many target the hello world cases or this cases which are far from practical reality.

  1. We target for Production Ready and Enterprise Ready application
  2. We start from the very basics, starting from the console and slowly build the knowledge.
  3. DAL Framework is one of the major area, which many do not cover, This has been covered in detail with specifics on what and why
  4. there are many advanced topics that are not available or sparsely available. Plan is to include and cover those with PRACTICAL examples.
  5. its evolving.
  6. And this is totally free. I initially intended it for Udemy, but later shifted targets to YouTube for wider availability.

Version Target

At the time of publishing of the videos the targeted GA version is 5.0.8 and 6 is planned sometime in November. However most of the stuff will remain valid for EF6 as well. We shall be covering the new features as they come in.

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We plan to cover the course in 2 sections

  1. Section 1 – Basics: From understanding to Production
  2. Section 2 – Advanced – Covering advanced cases and fine tuning.

Current Status

Latest Status of the course is available at github here