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Remove all your nested and complex if-else if – else logic with switch expressions. With concise statement, better readability, its one of the major change brought in core programming concepts since school days. in addition to improve better chances at interview with more readable and better understandable code, this also improves overall efficiency and productivity.

This video covers briefly the new c# switch expressions introduced in C# 9.0 along with all the changes around the switch that happened from C# 7.3, C# 8.0, C# 9.0. when keyword and conditional attributes were allowed in C# earlier but with C# 9.0 its a totally different game. In this detailed hands-on lab we shall be visiting all the new language features and cover them in detail.

Cover this with the power of .net core, this can boost the productivity to next level with all the smart programming and clean code with better readability.


Link to code:

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