System Design – Load Balancing Concepts

Reading Time: < 1 minute Load Balancing is very important part of system design. Although for most traditional system design courses and videos traditionally, it is considered at Application Layer (ALB) while, but if you actually understand, it is more then that. Right away from you hit return key in your browser, the load balancing begins.

In this video we shall cover the concepts of load balancing in system design. We shall start with the basics using a practical use case and then move into dns based load balancing followed by L4 L7 based load balancing. This can be pretty useful for all person willing to learn or move in to solution and system design as well as for system design interviews and discussions.

PlantUML Master Class – Sequence Diagrams

Reading Time: < 1 minute If you have fiddled with Powerpoint or to work on your high-tech sequence diagram, you would know what a pain it is. In this Masterclass you will learn how to generate Sequence Diagram using PlantUML which is diagram as a code library, very easily and quickly. And you don’t need hell of software for it. Just with your favorite Visual Studio, you can draw almost anything declaratively.

URL Shortner / Expander Solution Design

Reading Time: 2 minutes So this would be new set blog post and my videos on LetsDoCoding. In this particular post we shall be discussing shortly a very simplistic and bare minimum Solution Design for URL Expander and Shortner Service, very similar to Bit.Ly. I have asked this question in quite a few Interviews I have taken in the Initial interview rounds and this post covers all the aspects.

Cloud based solution design.
Deployment Strategy and replication for better UX
Services and Contracts Design
Database and ER Model Design.
You can refer the video on youtube for complete details, but we shall be discussing some pointers in this post. This question is targeted for interview questions and discussions on system and solution design. So Lets Begin