CI Pipeline for PlantUML Diagrams

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you are into any sort of designing or development, you most probably know about PlantUML which is one of the best UML Designing tool. The main power lies in the fact that it provides Diagram as a Code for all types of design and diagramming needs. This “As-A-Code” culture is lot prominent these days, due to multiple reason, primarily being ease of use and management with Infra and devops.

Entity Framework Core Design DAL Framework – E3

Reading Time: < 1 minute In this hand-on lab, we shall be setting up and deisgn the base Entity Framework Core DAL Framework. This is part 3 of the EFCore Complete Course and the framework built in here will be used throughout the course. We shall be starting with a quick recap and have a look on the roadmap. Thereafter we shall start with the POCO entities and adding audiatibility.

What and Why Entity Framework – Advantages and Benefits – E2

Reading Time: < 1 minute in this video we shall be seeing on What and Why of Entity Framework should be used along with Benefits and Advantages. We start with a brief context of entity Framework and understand what is entity framework actually. Then we shall proceed with the advantages and benefits.

This is part 2 of the EFCore Complete Course and we are discussing the Advantages and Benefits here. While entity framework 6 is not GA, we have tried to give a glimpse and new features shall be updates shall be posted as it goes to GA. Check out the other videos in series to learn entity framework and also how to use efcore with DotNet core.

Ef Core Introduction and Quick Start with Console Project – E1

Reading Time: < 1 minute This the part 1 in the EF Complete Definitive Course. In this Video we shall be doing a quick EF Core Introduction and do a quick start guide using a console project. In less then 20 minutes we will setup all the aspects of Database connection, viz setting up database, updating schema, configuring code, querying and inserting records. In this quick video we shall start with a console project and then add complete dal layer based on entity framework.

System Design – Load Balancing Concepts

Reading Time: < 1 minute Load Balancing is very important part of system design. Although for most traditional system design courses and videos traditionally, it is considered at Application Layer (ALB) while, but if you actually understand, it is more then that. Right away from you hit return key in your browser, the load balancing begins.

In this video we shall cover the concepts of load balancing in system design. We shall start with the basics using a practical use case and then move into dns based load balancing followed by L4 L7 based load balancing. This can be pretty useful for all person willing to learn or move in to solution and system design as well as for system design interviews and discussions.

PlantUML Master Class – Sequence Diagrams

Reading Time: < 1 minute If you have fiddled with Powerpoint or to work on your high-tech sequence diagram, you would know what a pain it is. In this Masterclass you will learn how to generate Sequence Diagram using PlantUML which is diagram as a code library, very easily and quickly. And you don’t need hell of software for it. Just with your favorite Visual Studio, you can draw almost anything declaratively.

Async Streams in C# 8 – IAsyncEnumerable with Cancellation Token, Configure Await

Reading Time: < 1 minute Async Streams is the new feature in C# 8.0 which provides async support for handling streams or IEnumerable data. In this session we cover all the aspects of Async Streams (IAsyncEnumerable) including how to use ConfigureAwait and how to use CancellationToken as well.

Cancellation token can be a great way to manage async programming in dotnet core and C# but with Async Streams it can be a bit difficult and at times if not used properly can give errors. We shall be discussing briefly everything about AsyncStreams. IAsyncEnumerable also has options and support for CancellationToken as well as ConfigureAwait.

C# Switch Expressions – Hands-on Smart Programming Lab

Reading Time: < 1 minute Remove all your nested and complex if-else if – else logic with switch expressions. With concise statement, better readability, its one of the major change brought in core programming concepts since school days. in addition to improve better chances at interview with more readable and better understandable code, this also improves overall efficiency and productivity.